Tips for Tenants E-mail
1. Application Process:

  • i) Download our application form in Word or Adobe format on “Rental Application” tab. Complete and submit via email ( or via fax to (905) 697-9913. All information collected is protected and is subject to ourPrivacy Policy.
  • ii) Obtain employment letter from your employer or current pay stub; or proof of self-employment income.
  • iii) References are required – These will assist us to confirm you are in good standing with your current Landlord and/or creditors.
  • iv) Credit verification – By signing the application, you agree to permit the Landlord to obtain a copy (at his expense) of your credit report.
  • v) Deposits – Landlord’s Standard Lease requires first and last months rent. Post-dated cheques are required for the term of the lease.
  • vi) Lease Contract – Once you have been approved, you will be required to review and execute a Standard Lease Agreement. This contract will confirm the monthly rental rate, occupancy date, what is inclusive (or excluded) in your monthly rental rate. Our standard lease is for a term of one (1) year. Renewals are processed at least ninety (90) days prior to the end of each term.

2. When can I move in? – Wed Property Management arranges leases commencing on the 1st day of each month.

3. Notify your current service providers/utilities companies – Check with individual providers/companies to confirm their specific requirements, usually 30-60 days notice is required for termination or change. Upon confirmation of your new Lease commencement date, make arrangements for new services (e.g. telephone, cable/internet, etc.).

4. Pets – Pets are permitted at some locations. Please confirm with Wed Property Management BEFORE you sign your lease to avoid disappointment. A signed Acknowledgement Form will be required by pet owners to assume all responsibility for any damages caused or resulting from their pets.

5. Facilities – Many of our condominium building offer great amenities including fitness room, hobby room, on-site party rooms, etc. These facilities are steps away are included in your rental fees.

6. Parking – All condominium units included one (1) outdoor parking space. Garage and additional outdoor parking spaces may be available at an additional cost. Contact Wed Property Management for prices, terms, and availability.